Revenue Assurance

We offer a wide range of Revenue Assurance consultancy services, a short summary of which can be found below.
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With estimates of revenue leakage from 0.5% to 3% of total telecoms revenues, revenue assurance is becoming an increasingly important activity.

We can use your data to find revenue impacting issues and help you to assure the billing of complex products and billing processes. With any recovered losses going directly to the bottom line, revenue assurance can materially improve your profitability.

Our expertise can be applied successfully to small, medium and large businesses: from start-ups with no current revenue assurance department needing help to set up a new team, new processes and assure new systems, to large companies with a mature revenue assurance operation facing new challenges.

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    Review of current revenue assurance data, control coverage and strategy. Prioritisation to deliver maximum business benefits.

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    Change Assurance

    Proactively manage changes within your business to detect issues early or prevent them altogether, minimising customer impact and leading to improved customer satisfaction.

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    Risk Analysis

    Risk assessments for new and existing products, services and network infrastructure including control coverage and gap analysis.

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    Solution Design

    Detailed design and specification of new revenue assurance controls and activities to detect revenue leakage, provide assurance and mitigate risk.

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    Process Improvement

    Analysis of existing business processes to identify risk areas and recommend improvements.

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    Reference Data Audit & Assurance

When data becomes misaligned between multiple systems there can be many consequences, including:

  • Revenue loss
  • Cost inflation
  • Incorrect or inaccurate billing
  • Customer complaints
  • Fraud
  • Arbitrage

A one-off audit can highlight the issues that need fixing and drive significant financial benefits, improving your profit margin.

A continuous audit will ensure that reference data remains up to date and complete, preventing any further issues.

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    Revenue Assurance Training

We offer bespoke on-site training in revenue assurance and data analysis techniques.
Improve upon the knowledge, skills and performance of your team, adding tangible value to your organisation.
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    Why Lytica?

    We have extensive experience in revenue assurance, spanning mobile networks, mediation, roaming, interconnect, B2B and consumer rating and billing.
    Using our knowledge and experience, we can apply traditional revenue assurance techniques to tackle the new challenges faced by the telecoms industry – assuring new technologies, digital products and services by designing and implementing new controls for your business.
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